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   *  Cross Applied Technologies was decimated, with the death of its leader Lucien Cross and hostile takeovers by Ares
   * Wuxing and Yamatetsu absorbed many of the failed companies among the Pacific Prosperity Group in the wake of the crash
   * Horizon, an up-and-coming media firm, took over Hisato-Turner and Newsnet.
   * Reeling under previous economic failure, Ute Nation eventually was absorbed by the Pueblo Corporate Council 

Amazingly enough, some corporations came out of the conflict unscathed, or even strengthened:

   * Novatech, with the great influx of money, was able to stabilize itself, buy many more subsidiaries, and eventually merge with Transys Neuronet and Erika to form NeoNET
   * Saeder-Krupp had a secret Matrix killswitch which allowed its grids to survive almost completely intact.
   * Wuxing, while faced with a few setbacks during the crash, was able to gobble up several less-fortunate companies and strengthen its position on the Pacific.